Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Order

Last night I made a confetti cake for my husband's second cousin's step-daughter. :) She is turning 11 and loves bright colors and peace signs. Her stepmom asked me if I could make it look like there was confetti all over the cake, so that's what I did. It's a chocolate cake with pink buttercream icing and fondant accents. To make the curly confetti, I cut strips of different color fondant and wrapped them around lollipop sticks and let them dry. The other confetti I just cut into different sized squares or rectangles and randomly placed all over the cake. The stars and peace signs were easy too. Just roll out the fondant and use shaped cutters to make the stars and circles. Then attach them to the lollipop sticks using royal icing. It can take up to 24 hours for the icing to dry, but these didn't take long at all. Then I piped green buttercream icing on the purple circles to make the peace signs. After everything has dried, I just placed the sticks into the cake how I wanted them. Last, I piped the number eleven and the star border at the bottem with the rest of the green buttercream. Ta-da! It was fun and easy! I'm so glad she asked me to make that cake for her!

This weekend is my daughter's 1st birthday so be looking for her cake to be posted soon!

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