Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Success!!!

Okay, so I am finally done with my cakes for the weekend. I decided not to do my daughter's baby dedication cake because I am just too tuckered out! Haha! No, seriously! I started making the cakes on Wednesday because I had to do some prepping in advance. The palm trees for the luau cake were made out of a fondant and gum paste mix with royal icing to hold everything together and they had to dry for 48 hours. it was very tedious work but well worth the effort.

On Thursday and Friday I had to really bust my butt to get everything ready on time. I made a last minute run to Party City to find flowers for the luau cake and I made who knows how many trips to Kroger because I kept running out of ingredients. I'm a horrible judge of "amounts"!!! I also had to make an extra trip to this cake supply shop because I totally messed up on the black fondant for the Hip-Hop cake and had to redo it.

My screw ups were extensive. However, I was able to fix everything, but not without major frustration and frequent melt-downs. I started on the Hip-Hop cake first and it being the first time I ever covered a cake in fondant I was really nervous about it. I, of course, totally screwed up. When my daughter was little, she used to get so frustrated with hamburgers because they would slide and not stay together like she wanted them to so she would get so mad and take the hamburger and smoosh it all up in her hands! I wanted to do that with my Hip-Hop cake so bad. I'm glad I didn't though or I would have had to make that whole cake over again instead of just buying more fondant.

The luau cake was the hardest, but it was the best of all the ones I did this weekend. If I hadn't had my mom in town giving me little pointers (she does cakes too) then I really would've been up a creek with that cake. When I was placing the palm trees a couple of leaves fell off and I wanted to scream. Those were the most fragile things I have ever made.

With the jersey cake I nearly killed myself. Everything was going perfectly and when it was time to take the wax paper out from under the cake, (I use it to keep the board clean when I'm icing the cake) the cake tore right down the middle after all the hard work I did. Then I dropped my spatula on it like a retard and had to fix it again! Geez, could anything go right!

The only cake that I had absolutely no disaster with was the Polka Dot cake. I learned how to do fondant with the Hip-Hop cake so when it came time to cover the Polka Dot cake, I was now I pro!!! Haha!

Everything ended up turning out great for all the cakes, even with the mess ups. I was very proud but will never agree to that many cakes in one weekend again. Glad everyone liked them!

Monday, August 31, 2009

One Crazy Weekend

This weekend I am going to be busy, busy, busy. I am making a luau cake, a Braves jersey cake, a hip-hop cake, and a small cake to celebrate a couple who just got married. Oh, and I can't forget my 7 month old's baby dedication cake. WOW!!!

The luau cake is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing that I am going to color half light blue and half light green. It will be two round tiers and each tier is a double layer. Haven't decided on the size of each round yet. On top of the cake there are going to be palm trees and totom pole faces. Around the tiers there will be hawaiian flowers and little wooden signs made out of fondant that say things like "TIKI" and "HULA". I got the idea from Charm City Cakes. And for those who may not like carrot cake there will be white cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing with a small iced pineapple on the top.

The Braves jersey cake will be a chocolate cake with white icing colored in red and navy blue to look like an actual jersey. I even plan on putting the MLB logo on the collar of the jersey done in icing. The customer's last name will be on the jersey along with his age as his jersey number. There will also be some baseball cupcakes and maybe if I get real creative I will make a bat. Guess we'll have to see.

I just got the order for the hip-hop cake so I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do. I know it's going to be chocolate and maybe have a record on it and I know it will be in bright colors like hot pink, but I haven't decided on the rest of the decor.

The small wedding cake is going to be a white, round, double layered cake covered in white fondant with different sized polka-dots in different pastel colors around the cake. The top will read "Congratulations Tim and Suzanne".

I also haven't decided on how the baby dedication cake will look since I've been so busy planning the other cakes for my customers. This cake is just for my family so it will probably be decided last minute, but it will still be just as cute as the rest of the cakes.

I will post pictures when I'm done so be sure to come back and look them up. Also, if anyone needs a cake just let me know!!!